Citizen Kane 75th Anniversary Memories

Thanks, Movie City News and Variety, for reminding me that May 1st marks the Citizen Kane 75th Anniversary! I almost got through the entire day without flashing back to the story that, for better or worse, comes almost instantly to mind now whenever I think of the Orson Welles masterpiece:

On a first date I had with a young lady who would soon become my girlfriend (not to mention my fiancée), I took her to see Kane, commonly regarded as The Greatest Movie Ever Made. (Does anyone, anywhere, not know this? Not agree with it, mind you, but nevertheless know of this legendary status?) After the movie was over and we talked, walking slowly down the streets of Philly on that warm summer night, I asked her what she thought of it.

The very first thing she told me was how thrilled she was that she finally, finally understood that episode of Laverne & Shirley that had a character named “Charles Pfister Krane.”

What can I say? Sometimes you ignore all sorts of red flags. The heart wants what it wants.

(That closing is admittedly cheeky. She was/is a dear, sweet woman in many ways, and while it certainly might seem like I’m making fun of her by way of this story, the truth is that I look on it with a lot of affection. The long knives didn’t really emerge with us until we went to see Barton Fink.)